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Time Timer PLus

Time Timer Plus

Time Timer 3"

Time Timer Small - 3"

Time Timer Medium 8"

Time Timer Medium - 8"

Time Timer Plus

The Time Timer Plus allows you to see the passage of time.  Simply turn the dial to the required duration (up to 1 hour) and watch the red disk disappear as time goes by. A beep indicates the end of the time period.

Time Timer Plus is ideal for people who have difficulty with the concept of elapsed time by showing 'how much longer'.



Time Timer Small - 3"

Original 60 minute visual timer with its signature red-disk to show exactly how much time remains, making life's routines easy and productive.

No loud ticking; quiet operation! Optional alert when time is up. Perfect for classrooms and sound sensitive environments.

Time Timer is ideal for classroom, office, home, and special needs

The timer is 3 inches wide by 3 inches tall. Protective cover that flips open to serve as a stand for the Timer.


Time Timer Medium - 8"

Ideal for teaching the concept of time to students of all abilities.

Perfect for keeping time of tests, reading or clean up

Red area highlights the elapsed time - 15 minutes left

Use at home or in the classroom