Buttons and Switches

Little mack button

Little Mack

Big mack button

Big Mack


Simply record any message directly into the LITTLEmack Communicator for one-touch, single message playback up to two minutes in length. Connect a toy or battery operated appliance for instant positive reinforcement. With its angled base and 2½-inch activation surface, LITTLEmack is perfect for mounting, and is recommended for persons who can access a smaller target.





Record any single message directly into the BIGmack communicator and press its activation surface for playback up to two minutes in length. With its large, 5-inch activation surface, BIGmack is an excellent choice for persons with visual impairments or who require a larger target area. 

Key Features:

  • Easy single-message recording
  • Crystal-clear digital sound
  • Volume control and ON/OFF switch
  • External switch jack for specialty switch operation
  • Toy/Appliance jack with cable


Big and Little Step by Step communicator buttons

Little Step and Big Step

LITTLE step-by-step communicator

Has the exact same features as a regular LITTLEmack.  Only the step-by-step has 3 levels to record 3 messages in sequential order.




BIG step-by-step communicator

Also has the exact same features as a regular BIGmack.  Only the step-by-step has 3 levels to record 3 messages in sequential order.


Lib switch

Lib Switch

Lib Switch

The brand new Lib Switch! A quality switch available in 4 colours. Comes with removable clear cap for inserting symbols.

Twist the outer black notched ring to unscrew and lift away from the switch, you can now remove the clear plastic cap to position your symbol.


Selection of big points in different colours

Big Point


The Big-Point can record 30 seconds of sound, and will fit many applications including literacy, numeracy, science and much more.


iTalk 2


The iTalk2

The iTalk2 dual-message communicator gives students the freedom to choose between two activities, such as listening to music or a story.

The iTalk2 has 2 large durable buttons, with an easily removable clear plastic cover. This is ideal for inserting photographs or symbols below the cover. 

iTalk2 is also perfect for asking and answering questions, telling jokes and making comments in social situations. With 2 minutes of recording time, the possibilities are endless. 

It also offers the option to add a toy or appliance for immediate positive reinforcement and to enhance messages.


Big button communicator

Big Button Communicator

Big Button Communicator 

Powerful communicators with easy touch activation. The Big Button has a single 48 second message and three 24 second messages in tap to talk mode.


Sequencer buttons in different colours


Sequencer Buttons

The Sequencer allows users to record and play back messages in sequence. The Sequencer has 3 minutes of record time, 90 seconds per level. Each level is recorded independently. Can also be used as a single-message device! The Sequencer has an external switch jack, an external speaker jack and a relay jack for cause-effect. The Sequencer has excellent sound quality and a long battery life. Sequencers come in four colours: blue, purple, green and yellow.


Sound shuffle with picture of a hunting dog

Sound Shuffle

Sound Shuffle

Sound Shuffle records and plays back up to 240 seconds of sound. With a removable clear top you can create pictures, symbols, numbers or letters to match your recordings. The large size is ideal for children with visual or motor skill impairments. The Sound Shuffle has two play-back modes: Sequential and Random.


switch mounts large and small

Switch Mounts

Switch Mounts - Large and Small

Switch mounts enable switches to be securely positioned and repositioned in the most efficient and comfortable way for the switch user. Many switch users have greater control if the switch is placed at an angle. These double sided switch mounts give two alternative mounting surfaces (55° and 85°). A Hook and Loop switching pack is provided for one switch.


Partner Plus Button

Partner Plus

Jelly Beamer

Jelly Beamer

Partner Plus

The Partner/Plus is a single message communicator with 30 seconds message length.

Output for toy control and input jack for external switch.

Easily interlocks with other Partner/Pluses to create multi-message communicators. Start with one and add more as skills are acquired!

Elevated platform and slot for picture cards - ideal for teaching object discrimination.

Light touch message activation.


Jelly Beamer

Unique wireless codes eliminating cross-talk between devices •Effective range up to 30 feet with no line-of-sight required.

  • External switch jack - Make any switch wireless by plugging it into Jelly Beamer (Jelly Beamer only)
  • Transmitter and receiver require 2 AA batteries each (not included)Ablenet's famous wireless switch is now available with a twist!

Now, Jelly Beamer includes four interchangeable twist tops. Change from red to green to yellow to blue within seconds. Additional switch tops in even more colours sold separately. AbleNet’s Jelly Beamers include a wireless transmitter and receiver. Turn both components on, plug the receiver into any switchadapted toy or device, and you’re ready for wireless access. Beamers are paired with their own receiver, meaning multiple devices can be used in the same room at the same time, without interference. Effective range is up to 30 feet. All Jelly Beamer switches feature a Long battery life with built-in sleep mode for maximum energy efficiency.