Symbol Software

Communicate: In Print and Communicate: SymWriter

What are they about?

Communicate: In Print and Communicate: SymWriter are a language, literacy and communication tools that use symbols, speech and activities to help anyone read and write.

Widgit Software Help sheets and Guides

Widgit have developed a range of help sheets and guides to help get you started, and show you how to get the most out of your Widgit software. 
Widgit's Communicate: In Print help guides will help you create all the symbol materials for printing you need by guiding you through all the basics of using the program. The Communicate: In Print guides cover a range of topics such as creating frames, adding images and photos and creating tables, as well as a selection of useful tips and reminders. 
The Communicate: In Print help sheets will then take you through a range of project ideas, such as creating a visual timetable, making a book and making a range of activities, such as finding and spelling activities. 

The Communicate: SymWriter help sheets and tutorials cover a selection of useful topics for getting started with the program, and learning how to use the program's features. 
With topics such as creating your own personalised writing grids and using switches covered in detail, the Communicate: SymWriter help sheets have been written to help you provide a supportive, onscreen writing environment, enabling struggling readers and writers to independently create their own pieces of work.

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Widgit Symbol Resources

In order to make it quick and easy to provide inclusive learning materials, Widgit have developed a range of ready-made inclusive symbol resources. Widgit Symbol resources cover a huge range of topics, including language and communication, curriculum areas, health care and much more. 
Widgit's resources are supplied in a range of file types to make it possible for everyone to benefit from them. 
Many of Widgit's resources are supplied as Communicate: In Print or Communicate: SymWriter files. These resources can only be opened in Widgit's software but can then be edited and personalised as you choose, making it even easier to create your own personalised symbol-supported resources!
Many Widgit resources are available as PDFs. You don't need to have any of Widgit's software installed in order to be open and use these resources, but they cannot be edited. 

Who is it for?

Anyone supporting children or adults who use symbols. Symbols can be used to support communication books, information, learning materials and Language Learning Symbols can help people with learning disabilities to increase their independence, can help people struggling with text to achieve literacy skills and can facilitate expression and communication.