What difference does it make for people?

In this section we shall show you how using Inclusive Communication has helped people with learning disabilities

A series of short videos, made at Epping Forest College, demonstrating how using various communication aids have enabled students to communicate more effectively with their fellow students in and outside the classroom.

Stacy's New Communication Board

In this short video we revisit Stacy, who we met in the video: Book Review.   Since that video Stacy has worked with her tutor, and with the help of ICE, in developing a brand new Communication Board; the new board is less cluttered and easier to use then Stacy's original board.

Stacy also developed her Communication Book, in conjunction with her new board; this has had the benefit of enabling Stacy to extend her vocabulary which makes it easier for her to talk about her interests. 

The use of her new board, alongside her Communication Book, has proved an effective partnership in Stacy's ability to communicate.

Cooking Lesson:

Students demonstrate how by choosing various aids they are able to take an active part in preparing a meal.

My Life:

A student demonstrates the use of a talking photograph album with information about friends and what he did over the weekend.

Book Review:

2 students are able to give their opinion of a book by using 'low tech' and 'no tech' communication aids.

Shafiq and Harold

How using the GoTalk range has had a significant impact on their lives

The Job Carved Role

Essex County Council Libraries, in collaboration with ICE, produced this video to outline what was expected of the Customer Services Assistant in an Essex Library.  The video, along with the Job Profile, which is produced in an Easy Read format, explains all the various jobs that a Customer Services Assistant would be expected to undertake.

We are always looking for examples of how using communication is improving the lives of people, please contact us if you have an example to share.