What is Inclusive Communication Essex (ICE)?

The aim for Essex is that:-

  • The importance of good communication is understood.
  • Each individual's communication needs are known, understood, recorded, and acted upon by everyone they have contact with.
  • Communication training is available for staff, families, carers, friends and members of the community when needed.
  • Information is routinely produced in a range of more accessible formats.
  • Physical environments in public settings are understandable to those who use them.

How does ICE work?

Inclusive Communication Essex (ICE) is an Essex-wide training package that teaches the families and carers of adults with learning disabilities how to use a variety of different forms of communication. This helps those with learning disabilities to understand and be understood, and become fully involved in their life plans by taking their communication needs into account.

There is also a project to develop a process for people who work with children and young people who have learning disabilities.

For adults with learning disabilities

We have developed inclusive communication at specific sites, such as care homes or resource centres. These are known as ICE sites. The staff at the ICE site are trained in inclusive communication methods, and one member of the staff is chosen to be trained as an ICE Coordinator. The ICE Coordinator coordinates development of inclusive communication at the site, and provides some training to new staff. Ongoing support is provided by Speech and Language Therapy services.

A training package has also been developed to train those that come into contact with people with a learning disability in Essex who are not within an ICE site.

More details in the training section of this website.

For those who buy and monitor services

Training is provided for professionals and lay people who are involved in monitoring the services that people with learning disabilities receive.

For everyone

We have provided a training pack to help you to produce information that is easy to read. This can be found on the training page, although you need to log in to download the pack. There are guides to show you how to insert graphics, these can be found in the Learn section of this website.

To find out more about what we do, watch the short video below: