Adapting the One Page Profile

The inspiration for my 'different' One Page Profile came from a parent who said that, due to dyslexia, she becomes overwhelmed with wordy official documents. I decided to use this as a challenge to create a prototype that this parent could create for and with her child. 

I thought about how I could adapt some of the resources we use in the Preschool team to support children's language skills.

I decided to use sound buttons to record information about myself as these are inexpensive and easily accessible

To access the information, people just press the buttons and listen to my voice telling them all about me!

On completing this challenge, I realised the benefits of this for an early years child, who could make their own recordings; this would truly be the 'child's voice'.

The profile could easily be shared with others, as recordable devices are popular with children and regularly used in early year's classrooms.

I chose to focus on the auditory aspect of information. A possible development could be to use symbols/pictures/words on or next to the sound buttons, and individualised depending on the child's level of skill.

My profile does have limitations - it can't be photocopied or emailed to be shared:

By using technology, such as an iPad, the idea could be developed into creating an electronic version with video clips which could be shared easily.  

Karen Forbester

Preschool SEN/AEN Team Manager

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