ICE Loans Resume

We are delighted to announce that our loan service will start again on Monday 17th August

We have been working with our Infection Control Team to make sure that loans as safe as possible.  To protect our staff and our customers we have made some changes to our resource loan service. 

Firstly, we have reduced the number of items available on our catalogue.  The list of items that will be available to borrow is below:


Communication Aids

Buttons and Switches


GoTalk Pocket

GoTalk Button

GoTalk One

GoTalk 4+

GoTalk 9+

GoTalk 9+ Lite touch

GoTalk 20+

GoTalk 32+

GoTalk 32 Express




Story Sequencer

QuickTalker 1

QuickTalker 7

QuickTalker 12

QuickTalker 23



LITTLE step-by-step communicator

BIG step-by-step communicator

Jelly Beamer

The iTalk2


Lib Switch

Big Button Communicator

Sequencer Buttons

Sound Shuffle

Switch Mounts - Large and Small

Time Timer

First friends car

Frankie the bubble fish

Fidgety Feet

Lift and lower fire engine

Little people school bus


Secondly, we have introduced a new cleaning and disinfecting process so that you can be assured that everything we send out to you has been thoroughly disinfected.  Please click the link to view the Cleaning and Disinfecting Process on our website. 

Thirdly, until further notice, this will be a delivery only service.  Please do not visit our office.  If you need a demonstration of any of our items please telephone us to discuss your needs. 

The process for requesting items is unchanged.  On the Loan Resources page of our website click the blue “Click here to borrow” button. This will open our Loan Request Form.  Please complete this form, including your delivery address and any delivery instructions. You can still borrow up to 5 items at a time for 8 weeks. 

Delivery is free of charge and orders will be dispatched weekly on Wednesdays.  We use My Hermes and delivery is usually 2 – 3 days after dispatch.

When you receive your parcel, please keep the packaging for when you return the items to us.  All you need to do to return your items to us is to re-pack your parcel, attach the pre-paid address label and take it to your local My Hermes drop-off point. 

All existing loans have been extended to 30th September and we will contact you separately if you currently have any of our items.

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