Communication Passports

A communication passport is a book that helps to convey important information about an individual. They can be used to bridge the gap in communication that people with communication difficulties often experience. Communication passports help to empower individuals and they help to inform the reader of a person’s life and personality. 

Communication passports are very personal documents and they should reflect an individuals own style and preference. People with communication passports should have access to them so that they are able to initiate / participate in an interaction at all times. 

What information do they contain? 

Communication passports can contain several different sections: 

Possible sections could include

  • All about me
  • Important people
  • How I communicate
  • My strengths
  • Things I may need help with
  • Things I like / dislike
  • Eating and drinking
  • Interests
  • Daily timetable
  • My health

 How to present the information

  • Written in the 1st person
  • Personal style added to all information
  • In a loose leafed folder
  • Include photos, symbols, pictures etc



These are some examples of communication passports from the Speech and Language Therapists from University of Essex

 Hannah OC Pass pic    


Click on the picture to see Hannah's communication passport



Laura Ruff Passport Pic 


Click on the picture to see Laura's communication passport




JB comms pass pic



Click on the picture to see the ICE Manager, Jason's communication passport





1) Front Page 

Click on the picture to see the ICE Resource Assistant, David Leah's communication passport.





Click on the links below to see example pages from a communication passport...

Book cover (Word doc)

Front Page (Word doc)

Index (Word doc)

All about me (Word doc)

Important things about me (Word doc)

How I communicate (Word doc)

What I don't like (Word doc)

Behaviours (Word doc)

General Health (Word doc)

People in my life (Word doc)

Things I need help with (Word doc)

Eating and Drinking (Word doc)

Things I like to do (Word doc)


For further advice please contact your local Speech & Language Therapy Teams:


Anglia Community Enterprise (North East Essex): 01206 745445

SEPT (South Essex): 01702 440699

West Essex Primary Care Trust: 01279 827621